Week 4

In Week Four we're practicing what we learned last week & increasing weights where appropriate. This is where the dip can set in. The dip is where the excitement from starting something new has worn off and you're in the grind. This is the time to trust the system and keep showing up. Don't question, just show up.


Watch this first!
Physical pillar character doing a yoga stretch
If you're going through hell, keep going. Why would you stop here?

Day 1


Never sacrifce form for added weight or speed. Stay consistent. If you cant lift it well, you can't lift it. Go as heavy as is appropriate.

Just like you don't question if you should brush your teeth today, don't question if you should exercise. Plan it, do it, become it.

Day 2


Showing up is more important than intensity. Go hard when you can, but always show up.

You become what you practice consistently.

Day 3


Apply your core stability fundamentals to all new exercises.

Persistence: hard work: rising from failures - achieving success through trial and error.

Day 4


Welcome to mid-week! Practice improving your mobility. Are you ready to add more weight?

Get Better every single day. - Kobe

Day 5


End this week on a high note. You know this, now crush it!

We improve ourselves by victories over ourselves. There must be contests, and we must win. - Edward Gibbon

Day 6


Almost there. Push through the core work until it becomes easy. Youv'e got this!

The antidote to a bad day is a good workout. - James Clear



Whew, a much needed day of rest. You can always add one more day of movement, don't tear down today though. Recover if you're going to move.

If you're tired, learn to rest. Not quit.