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Welcome to TYH

Here at Treat Yo Health we believe:

We believe there's more to your health than just your body.

We believe you should be armed with the tools, resources and community to be able to address your health in a balanced way.

We believe learning should be fun and accessible as well.

We believe the foundation of any healthy lifestyle starts with movement and strength.

So we have put together a strength and fitness program that will teach you the foundations of strengthening your body.

Program Includes:

6-week weight training program
Accountability tracking calendar with instructions
General nutritional guideline & grocery list
All access to TYH content

Free Resources:

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TYH Blog, expert content from trained health professionals
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6 Week Program: Lifting Weights 101

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Treat Yo Calendar
An accountability tracker to mark your progress throughout the program.

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Treat Yo Strength
1 week of the 6 week program

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Treat Yo Nutrition
A simple food journal to track your goals and intake.

This first foundational program is designed for 3 things:

  1. To teach you the foundations of effective strength training to build confidence and muscle
  2. To provide a consistent, fully guided, 6 week workout routine to build you a habit of exercise
  3. To prepare you for more advanced workouts to come

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Week 1


Welcome! Here's what to expect in week one. This week we will work on horizontal push, pull, press, hinge, squat, & stabilization. If you haven't watched the form videos, please pause and watch those for reference.

Week 2


In week two we are going to re-visit our lessions from week one to dial them in. Just seeing something once doesn't mean you've got it. We need to re-visit skills to turn them into strengths. Let's dial it in, focusing on mobility, flexibilty, and adding on weight extra weight.

Week 3


Welcome to Week Three! We're adding more variety and increasing volume. We're following the same format, but adding a 3rd set. It's going to get tougher from here on out. Are you ready?

Week 4


In Week Four we're practicing what we learned last week & increasing weights where appropriate. This is where the dip can set in. The dip is where the excitement from starting something new has worn off and you're in the grind. This is the time to trust the system and keep showing up. Don't question, just show up.

Week 5


You're in the final stretch. This is the last two weeks, time to kick it up a notch. Increase weights, increase intensity, increase focus.

Week 6


Welcome to our final week together. Week Six! If you're here today, you're elite. It's easy to start the week strong, but finishing strong is where the exceptional live. Finish the way you started, with intention, intensity, and drive.

Treat Yo Nutrition

The Treat Yo Health Food Journal is an analog way to track your intake, for the non-tech saavy. However we recommend downloading an app such as Lose It or MyFitnessPal if you’re wanting to easily track your calorie intake, set goals, manage or change your body fat. They do a great job and make it easy to track your nutrition and calories.

Treat Yo Health Workouts

The Treat Yo Health Workout Tracker is a helpful tool to record your workout and progress throughout the program. It’s also helpful in helping you to see what’s coming up.

Lifting Weight 101: Week 1, Treat Yo Calendar

Accountability Tracker

The Treat Yo Health Calendar is an accountability tracker to mark your progress throughout the program. It always feels good to check something off the list! This useful guide can be printed or just saved on your phone for checking off completed workouts, water intake, & meals.

6 Week Program:
Lifting Weights 101


Included in the program:

  • 6 weeks of daily workouts and active recovery
  • Instructional form videos
  • Accountability tracker
  • Being fully equipped and prepared for any weight training exercise you encounter